Onboard Thousands Of Fans With One Tap

Eintracht Frankfurt

The German football club Eintracht Frankfurt is renowned for its dedicated fan base and innovative digital strategy. Recognized for its forward-thinking initiatives in technology through its digital subsidiary, EintrachtTech GmbH, the club continuously explores new ways to create  digital touchpoints and services for its fans. When the stadium underwent seat refurbishment, Eintracht saw an opportunity to let fans own a piece of the club's past and future history. A portion of all seats was sold, and along with the physical version, a digital representation was delivered to let fans conveniently showcase and compare their dedication via smartphone. This case demonstrates how blockchain's complexities can be minimized to maximize the conversion rate, regardless of the audience's technical proficiency.


The Case.

Eintracht Physical seat

The Solution.


The blockchain wallets, hidden incorporated in a branded card, offer a straightforward solution. Fans were onboarded onto the blockchain with a single tap of the Eintracht Frankfurt x youba Wallet against their smartphones. Through the device's NFC interface and via SDK within the Eintracht App, their access to both the Polygon blockchain and, by extension, their digital seat, was securely stored on the card's microchip. Behind the tap, a wallet's private key was generated and written to the card, while youba's backend received the wallet's public address to assign a new owner to the digital seat. From there on, the club uses the fan's stadium history to grant a personalized visual seat refurbishment in the upcoming season. This wallet upgrade further increasing fans' ability to compare and showcase their passion for the club.


According to blockchain data, more than 3,600 wallets have already been created, each equipped with its own digital seat. The fact that technical support channels have become obsolete, combined with the high conversion rate, serves as significant proof of the success of this campaign. Eintracht Frankfurt stands as a pioneering model, blending physical and digital realms to augment fan engagement. This story demonstrates how a mostly blockchain-agnostic audience can be connected to a real-world blockchain application through youba's One-Tap Wallet.

The Result.

Eintracht Dune