Revolutionize Retail With
Web3 Memberships

KICKZ | Mooncourt

The Case.

KICKZ is an international basketball and sneaker retailer aiming to elevate its community of one million+ to the next-level retail experience. Through Mooncourt, their venture into blockchain technology, they offer an interactive web3 loyalty program to their community. Unique digital collectibles (NFTs) serve as membership tickets to a vibrant ecosystem of exclusive benefits and experiences. Each so-called Mooncourt Baller connects to KICKZ's existing platforms, as well as the Mooncourt website, and over 1,000 other established platforms like Discord, games, and marketplaces.


The Solution.


The KICKZ x Mooncourt x youba wallet offers a branded medium to sell membership tickets offline in shops and online on websites. The physical cards are paid for in fiat, which means the membership can be exhibited alongside all regular products rather than in a dedicated, new section with tutorials and how-to-videos. Through the youba App, members not only receive and manage their Mooncourt Ballers but also access the entire ecosystem with just One Tap.

The Result.


Through the KICKZ x Mooncourt x youba Wallet, KICKZ bridges the gap between traditional retail and blockchain, offering NFT purchases in fiat currency. This approach seamlessly integrates memberships with KICKZ's existing product lines and distribution channels, achieving a conversion rate of a web2 product. KICKZ successfully attracted buyers outside the typical crypto/blockchain demographic, leveraging the appeal of exclusive memberships.

Our partner says it better.


The Membership Pass we created with youba gives our customers effortless access to exclusive benefits in the Mooncourt ecosystem. We were able to reduce complexity and friction to a minimum, so our customers don't even feel like they're using blockchain technology. This user-centric approach takes KICKZ's retail experience to the next level.

Christoph Hagenkötter, Senior IT & Web3 Product Owner at GmbH