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Telekom Mms - digital x

Telekom's DigitalX is a two-day festival of digitalization set in the heart of Cologne, bringing together entrepreneurs, corporations, start-ups, and policymakers for deep dives into the most pressing questions on digitalization and sustainability. Covering different megatrends, DigitalX offers a platform for learning, networking, and discovery. In response to the demand for demonstrations of practical NFTs, Telekom partnered with youba to design an interactive event journey. This initiative aimed to showcase the utility of NFTs, right from the visitors' hands.


The Case.

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In response to this challenge, Telekom installed the youba Journey to their exhibition. At the heart of this system lies youba's One-Tap Wallet, which acts as an access pass. This feature equips visitors with the required blockchain wallet and a starter NFT, which includes a map to guide them to various Checkpoints. These Checkpoints are physical devices positioned throughout the exhibition grounds. By walking up to these Checkpoints and tapping their smartphones against them, visitors can mint their own NFTs. To enrich the learning experience, Telekom stationed contact persons and provided educational materials at each Checkpoint. This approach created an environment where attendees could gather, engage in networking, and exchange ideas—turning each Checkpoint into a mini-hub of learning and interaction.

The Solution.

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The DigitalX x youba Journey gave Telekom control over the visitors journey through the exhibition. Additionally, youba's approach provides Telekom with a powerful analytics tool to measure each visitor's engagement throughout this journey. By leveraging blockchain data, Telekom can manage interactions both retrospectively and prospectively, allowing for personalized relationships based on wallet activity. A case in point is the meet-and-greet raffle, which visitors could qualify for by engaging with more than four checkpoints. While only the most active participants were entered into this drawing, all participants potentially qualify for custom follow-ups like airdrops, emails and push notifications. The event served as a real-world example of how digital footprints can be effectively used to build and strengthen customer relationships, bridging the gap between real-world interactions and digital relations.

The Result.

Telekom Dune

Our partner says it better.


"With the Digital X x youba Journey we were able to simplify the complex world of NFTs and turn it into a cornerstone of digital engagement. The system’s ease of use combined with an engagement set-up enriched the attendee experience and offers a diverse platform for further digital interactions."

Frank Kaegebein, Principle Manager at Telekom MMS